The WLG Incubator is an initiative by Wei-Ling Galleries that was launched as a platform to highlight and collaborate on projects with emerging Malaysian artists. It is dedicated to help artists create a sustainable art practice, which allows them to develop their confidence towards making art that is authentic, experimental and progressive. Through this Incubator, we hope to discover and nurture artists and projects, which are critical towards shaping the voice of the next generation.

The WLG Young Artists Collaborative Mentorship Program is a WLG Incubator program that provides the opportunity for emerging artists to be advised and guided by an established artist. The program was launched in 2020, through a research conducted to identify the next generation of young progressive artists from Malaysia. The identified group of artists were invited to submit their portfolios for consideration and selection. The 5 shortlisted candidates were then involved in a two-tier interview process, whereupon two artists were finally selected for participation. Over a six-month program, these selected artists worked with an established artist as their mentor to discuss, research, explore, experiment, and develop new concepts. This platform aims to provide a safe space for these artists to express the challenges they face in their professional and artistic practices, as well as to support them in the aspects that they choose to develop further. The results were presented through the WLG Incubator Young Artists Show at Wei-Ling Contemporary, which served as a channel to introduce their work of art to a wider audience.

In 2021, the WLG Incubator will be inviting a new group of emerging Malaysian artists to submit their portfolios, to participate in the second edition of the WLG Young Artists Mentorship Program. We seek emerging visual artists who are committed and driven, yet open to exploring new ways in which they could develop their work through the program. We aim to engage with committed artists who possess strong conceptual thought processes and are willing to express this critical thinking through their work – who are authentic in their practice.

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