Tectonic Traces
By Choy Chun Wei

‘Life is beautifully questioned in a sense but I also question how it’s arranged.’

To arrange and rearrange, to construct and deconstruct, to connect and break, to cut and paste – the importance of Choy Chun Wei’s pieces stretches within his actions, privileging dynamic large-scaled collages. This time, the artist engages himself in expanding his previous series, notably through the process of assembling more reliefs and creating greater overlaps. Pushing boundaries with the use of tectonic materials, the works exhibited in ‘Tectonic Traces’ accentuate complexities and contradictions of life’s fragments.

‘Graphic design produces many effects around us these days.’

The artist’s current practise took its roots from graphic design, which soon evolved into dimensional works, portraying references to architecture. Juxtapositions of omnipresent geometrical forms such as rectangles and circles – the latter being a recent element to his works, particularly for the piece “City of Buttons” (2017) – are symbolic receptions of today’s living spaces, electronics and other accessories that surround us day-to-day.

‘I’m constructing my own organic in the society.’

Sensible to the tensions among the solid and the organic, each piece constantly illuminates two opposing characteristics: between supermarket product codes and fluid doodles of anonymous portraits, between straight lines and handwritten jottings of people met during his sojourn in Hong Kong. Thus, the word ‘corporate’ appearing as title for some of his works, seems to deliver likewise two senses: in one hand ‘designed corporation’ – symbol of a consumerist environment, in the other hand ‘togetherness’ – a human quality essential to the society.

These strains and junctures are emphasized in the “Rambling” (2017) piece through the technique of newspaper collage. Extracts of actual headlines are cut and arrayed on canvas following nothing but the artist’s intuition, forming new meanings often absurd. Overlaying these linear arrangements of words, the artist applied paint and sand in a vigorous manner – giving birth to robust and burnt effects – so as to break the messages.

The indicated piece illustrates our frustration of the information world, which in fact is not physically existent – the same way as the rectangular forms that can be spotted in most of his collages mimic the multiplying screens of our electronic devices.

In this rapidly changing world, the artist tags along, while continually seeking peace and settlement within through art. As humans climb ladders to success in great speed, depicted through images of footballers in “Future Stars” (2017) Choy Chun Wei hopes to pursue ways of accessing a higher degree – that is, spirituality.

Dealing with information and facts, at the same time interrogating the state of mind of human beings, Choy Chun Wei envisages the fact that our identity is transforming into numbers and codes. Through twelve pieces displayed during his third solo exhibition at Wei-Ling Contemporary and Wei-Ling Gallery, following ‘Kaleidoscopic Landscapes’ (2007) and ‘Here and Now’ in (2011), he seems to question: do we no longer define ourselves more than our surroundings?

Tectonic Traces will be showing from 19th October to 30th November at Wei-Ling Contemporary.

Wei-Ling Contemporary is located at Lot No RT-1 6th Floor The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Admission hours are Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 7pm.

Please call +603 2282 8323 / +603 2260 1106 or email: noel.weilinggallery@gmail.com for more information.