The Visual Poetry Project

‘The Visual Poetry Project’ is a collaboration that brings the visual arts and literature together, highlighting the links  between these two mediums of expression. Through inviting Malaysian poets and writers to immerse themselves in the paintings of prominent Malaysian abstract artist Hamidi Hadi, the hope is that they may be inspired to respond to the work through the written word.

Being in the presence of these quietly commanding works, the team behind this project realised how these naturally evocative and visually poetic paintings might resonate with writers and poets, and inspire them to respond in a literary sense. Thus sparking an energy transference between the written and the visual, demonstrating the links that can bind two mediums of expression together.

The main goal for this project is to unite Malaysian poets and writers, including Charissa Ong Ty, Viji Krishnamoorthy, Zack Shah, Renie Leng, Sharon Bakar, Pauline Fan, amongst others –  to bring about connections and collaboration in a time of forced separation, and to highlight the cross-pollination of different art disciplines. The project also hopes to create a sense of community across  the arts, highlighting its emotional connection with Malaysians.