WLG Artful Storytelling – Yin and Yang

Ever wondered what stories lie beneath the vivid imagery in Cheong Kiet Cheng’s vast, dreamy, artworks? In the first of WLG’s ‘Artful Storytelling’ series, we take you on a mesmerizing, journey through the painting entitled ‘Yin and Yang’. Be enlightened as we introduce you to the mythological Chinese figure ‘Nüwa’, the goddess of Order, who created humans and saved the world from destruction, and begin to understand the concept and importance, behind the idea of ‘Yin and Yang’ to achieve balance in life.

WLG Artful Storytelling – Migration to the Land of Peach Blossom

Where is the mythical land of The Peach Blossom? Let us bring Cheong Kiet Cheng’s paintings to life with this narration. Sit still and find out the enchanting story behind the artist’s most challenging work to date, ‘Migration to the Land of Peach Blossom’ is a large-scale pen drawing on canvas that spans 240cm x 290cm.