#WLG DISCUSSION LAB online programme


This is a big question but intrinsically art has the phenomenal ability to make us feel understood, empowered, and less alone-it is what brings meaning and purpose to humanity.

As an online extension to Wei-Ling Gallery’s Discussion Lab programme during the MCO, this forum questions how art can heal, effect social change, open up dialogues, adjust the way we see things, empower and transform. Through engaging with a good work of art one can feel connected to our senses. It makes the world feel felt. And if powerful enough, it can motivate us to think, engage, and even take action.

The common story of struggle is what defines us all. Philosopher Nietzsche’s quote, ‘To Live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering’. Art is perhaps, the communicator or conduit for this universal suffering-it is what brings us all together. It allows us a better understanding of what life is, through the journeys of other human beings. Everyone has experienced life in their own way, so when it is presented through art, we can each relate to it in varying degrees. It transcends and can be transformative.

Each of the three panelists hail from different backgrounds- in terms of their medium of expression- but what unites and defines them is their ability to create forms of art that are moving and inspiring, but draw from the deep, life-changing experiences each one of them has endured.

Malaysian artist Yau Bee Ling
Malaysian filmmaker Saw Teong Hin
Indonesian artist Dadang Christanto

Date : 10 May 2020, Sunday

Time : 11:30am – 1:00pm (GMT+8)