20 Days in Northwest China (Part 1)
Chen Wei Meng

Wei-Ling Contemporary is pleased to present 20 days in Northwest China (part 1), a solo exhibition by one of Malaysia’s most prominent contemporary artists, Chen Wei Meng, to begin showing on the 2nd of September until 1st October 2014.

Chen Wei Meng is largely known for his photo realist landscape depictions. As a visual artist, Chen views the medium as merely a tool in portraying the authenticity of a subject along with the pure elements which can easily go unnoticed. In an aesthetic sense, complete visual purity is what he strives to showcase.

In the past, the artist has drawn inspiration from his love for his homeland of Malaysia, with the portrayal of landscapes of the terrain of Ulu Selangor and more popularly the coast of Terengganu, as seen in his last solo exhibition in 2012 entitled Silent Monsoon. To the artist, his paintings are his statement, a reflection of the various transitions in his life.

In this exhibition, Northwest China plays the source of inspiration for his latest body of work. 20 Days in Northwest China (part 1) represents the recount of a traveller, an artist, observing the landforms both geographically and artistically.

Chen Wei Meng embarked on a 30 day journey exploring landscapes he has always dreamed of such as Xinjiang, Dunhuang and Qinghai Lake. His travels began in Urumqi on the 29th of August, concluding in Xiamen on the 27th of September 2013. This new series of work is an illustrative documentation of the first 20 days of his journey within the northwest region of China. Although the artist has ventured the landscapes of China in the past, he was not quite driven to paint them then and shied away from doing so knowing that it would reflect unfavourably on the canvas. On this recent trip however, finding himself in total amazement of the awe-inspiring landforms, he knew that this time was the right time.

To date, Chen Wei Meng has participated in exhibitions in Malaysia, Korea and the UK.

20 days in Northwest China (part 1) will be showing from 2nd September until 1st October 2014 at Wei Ling Contemporary. We look forward to seeing you there!

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