A Paradigm Shift – Reflecting on Twenty Years of The Malaysian Art Scene

One of our biggest dreams 20 years ago was to take Malaysian contemporary arts beyond our borders. We have been the protagonists in taking the step to provide Malaysian artists with a platform, in which to show their works internationally.” – Lim Wei-Ling, Gallery Director

In conjunction with its 20th anniversary, Wei-Ling Gallery will be curating a seminal exhibition that features contemporary Malaysian artists, whose artistic practice and critical provocations defined the local Malaysian art scene over the past 20 years, since the inception of the gallery in 2002. ‘A Paradigm Shift – Reflecting on Twenty Years of The Malaysian Art Scene’ surveys the culture of artistic experimentation that Malaysian artists undertook in the last two decades, during a time characterised by constant rapid cultural changes as a result of the fluctuating economy and the rise in technological advancements. This time period also witnessed a myriad of political sagas, divisiveness in race and religion, and an overall shift in power paradigms that perhaps defined Malaysia the most, and shaped public life and discourse.

Through their experimental practices, the featured artists have sought to closely trace the country’s most sensitive predicaments, revealing how a myriad of issues revolving around identity, equality, ideology, and control have evolved over the years. Particularly, what this exhibition wishes to highlight is the rambunctious creativity and unwavering, relentless development that artists took throughout their careers to widen the public’s view of contemporary art and inspire new ways of thinking about and understanding Malaysia as a nation. This exhibition is therefore both a retrospective that looks back at the critical evolution of contemporary Malaysian artists, as well as their current practices that remain significant in engaging with themes that continue to have a pressing relevance.

Participating artists are Anurendra Jegadeva, Chen Wei Meng, Cheong Kiet Cheng, Chin Kong Yee, Choy Chun Wei, Hamidi Hadi, H.H. Lim, Ivan Lam, Juhari Said, Noor Azizan Paiman, Rajinder Singh, Sabri Idrus, Sean Lean, Wong Chee Meng and Yau Bee Ling.

A Paradigm Shift – Reflecting on Twenty Years of The Malaysian Art Scene’ is featured at Wei-Ling Gallery from 21st June – 6th August 2022.

Wei-Ling Gallery is located at No 8, Jalan Scott, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Admission hours are Tuesday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm.

Exhibition is open by appointment only. For appointments and further assistance, please contact +60322601106 or e-mail siewboon@weiling-gallery.com