Conditional Love
Painted Stories by Anurendra Jegadeva

Conditional Love, Painted Stories by Anurendra Jegadeva is the artist’s first solo exhibition since his return from Australia in 2005.

The exhibition, which gathers nearly twenty new works on canvas with paper from the past year, finds the artist still baffled about the world around him.

Addicted to news, sitcoms, reality TV and pulp fiction, the artist references the world around him in his paintings, touching on a broad range of issues as if he were surfing channels.
From Tibet to detention without trial; from Punjabi love songs to the recent general elections in March; from vampire brides to little girls with their dogs, the artist has used a mix of nostalgia and romanticism tinged with an enjoyable dose of cynicism to tell his stories.
Love is merely their back-drop… love’s conditions are much more interesting.

Conditional Love sees a departure from his predisposition to the organized picture planes within the brightly colored, luscious canvases of his previous works.
With the new works, through individual works as well as assemblages, the artist has found a complimentary aesthetic in the works on paper as well in his artist books.

In August, Anurendra Jegadeva holds his fourth solo exhibition entitled, Conditional Love-Painted Stories by Anurendra Jegadeva at Wei-Ling Gallery.