Letters to Mr. Hitler, New Works on Paper, Shopping Bags and Other Odds and Ends
Anurendra Jegadeva

Anurendra Jegadeva is a Malaysian figurative artist and writer.
As far as his studio practice is concerned, he believes in the enduring power of the painted image and has worked consistently to forge effective and fresh narrative approaches to contemporary and historical themes.

Letters to Mr. Hitler, Anurendra’s first solo exhibition in Singapore brings together a small body of new paintings – on paper, shopping bags as well as other odds and ends – made after a recent visit to Germany.

While the irreverent satire in Anurendra’s art continues to explore the particular post-colonial realities of living in a multiracial, multicultural and multireligous Malaysia, with Letters to Mr. Hitler, the artist also attempts to find parallels in other larger histories and significant current events that have shaped the world he lives in.

The resulting contemporary portraits, rendered on surfaces as diverse as shopping bags and objects like carpenter’s tools and little blue Tiffany boxes are perceived through the sentimental distance of memory as well as the usual crisis of identity and as always, layered with autobiographical, popular-culture and historical contexts.

Anurendra lives in a small house in a middle-class suburb in Kuala Lumpur with his wife, daughter and their two Pugs.
Letters to Mr. Hitler will be exhibited at The Arts House, Singapore from 4th October to 8th October 2012.

The Arts House is located at:-
1 Old Parliament Lane
Singapore 179429
Website: www.theartshouse.com.sg

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