Sekinchan: Land of Fertility
Chen Wei Meng

Wei-Ling Gallery is pleased to present Sekinchan: Land of Fertility, a solo exhibition by Chen Wei Meng, an artist principally known for his hyper-real landscape depictions.

As a visual artist, Chen views the medium as merely a tool in portraying the authenticity of a subject along with the pure elements which can easily go unnoticed. In an aesthetic sense, complete visual purity is what he strives to showcase.

In the past, Chen Wei Meng has drawn inspiration from his love for his homeland of Malaysia with renditions of landscapes of the terrain of Ulu Selangor and the coast of Terengganu. The artist’s previous series delivered a slight shift focusing on the landforms of Northwest China and with this new body of work, he has once again returned to his place of origin with the source of inspiration being the town of Sekinchan.

The first time I stood on the land of Sekinchan was in 2007, during my months journeying around the peninsula. I reached Sekinchan on 31st December, 2007, after having travelled almost everywhere in Terengganu, Pahang, Penang, Perak and along the coastal towns of Selangor. It was after this long journey, having arrived in complete exhaustion, but immediately after finding myself rid of any weariness, and feeling fully rejuvenated. That morning I drove from Sungai Besar along ‘route 5’ (the west coast coastal road) and going by the road signage, I knew that Sekinchan was at close range. I simply decided on a left turn. As you are driving from the north, when approaching the Sekinchan area, every left turn is a path that leads to the paddy field. I remember it being a sunny and windy evening, and when I entered into that zone I saw the open spaces of the paddy field in front of my eyes, they occupied a mass area of the land and immediately that brought me back to the feeling of being by the sea in my home town. From then on, whenever I feel “sea-sick” in the metropolis, Sekinchan will be the place I think of to breakaway.”

– Chen Wei Meng

Chen Wei Meng (b. 1965) lives and works in Malaysia.

Sekinchan: Land of Fertility will begin showing at Wei-Ling Gallery on the 1st of July and will continue until the 30th of July 2016.

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