Silent Monsoon
Chen Wei Meng

The title Silent Monsoon suggests some irony as the monsoon is normally associated with fierce winds and raging storms and are far from silent!

For the artist Chen Wei Meng, the monsoon season is one of his favourite times of the year. Having grown up in Terengganu which faces the strong easterly winds which sweep across the South China Sea during the monsoon, he was always mesmerized and gripped by the power and strength of nature during the season of storms.

This stored consciousness and memories of the monsoon season over the course of his life inspired the artist to dedicate this body of work to the monsoon.

The artist humbly describes his new series as ‘simple, straightforward ‘descriptions’ of the monsoon which are very close to my heart and are the essence of my life’.

He has managed to transport us back to how he experienced and viewed the monsoon as it approached – dark clouds looming, a strong gust of wind sweeping across the beach, the seas roaring, salt in ones eyes- bringing it to life with dexterity and skill, where every minute detail of the landscape is captured.

To him, his monsoon is beautiful and brings with it serenity and peace. This is what he wants to share with the audience through these works.

Silent Monsoon features at Wei-ling Contemporary, The Gardens Mall from 6th August 2012 – 4th September 2012

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