Cheng Yen Pheng

In May 2012, Wei-Ling Contemporary is pleased to present PRICKED! solo exhibition by Cheng Yen Pheng , one of the brightest young things on the Malaysian art scene today. Cheng Yen Pheng epitomizes the new generation of serious contemporary Malaysian artists whose artworks go beyond the aesthetic to reveal more than what meets the eye and her works have already been collected by Galeri Petronas and features in The Aliya and Farouk Khan collection.

Born in Penang in 1982, Cheng Yen Pheng graduated from the Dasein Academy of Art in 2004. She was a recipient of the Malaysian Emerging Artists awards in 2009 and was one of three local artists chosen to create a commissioned artwork for Absolut Vodka in 2011. Although she is fairly new to the local art scene her incredible skill and dexterity as a painter has not gone un-noticed and she has worked closely with well-respected Malaysian artists such as Liew Kung Yu and Chuah Chuan Yong on important public art projects in Malaysia.

The PRICKED! exhibition shows the artist in her element with only 8 cavernous paintings that depict images which are decidedly erotic yet maintain a subtlety and naivete which is veiled beneath a blanket of fluorescent, feminine (mostly pink and purple) hues and lace inspired motifs. Her works have often touched upon her feelings about being a woman – both emotionally and physically – and deals with the social pressures that come with being one. From sexual relationships and desires to fetishes and erotica, she aims to act as a critic through her paintings, to emphasize the roles both women and men play, in this day and age.

PRICKED! a solo exhibition by Cheng Yen Pheng features at Wei-Ling Contemporary from the 7th May-4th June 2012.
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