Behind Two Hills – The Chorus of Life
Cheong Kiet Cheng

Wei-Ling Gallery is pleased to present Behind Two Hills – The Chorus of Life a solo exhibition by Malaysian emerging contemporary artist, Cheong Kiet Cheng. This marks the artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. The first being Sing to the land of my heart in 2015.

Having recently become a mother for the first time, Cheong Kiet Cheng’s perspective on life has been substantially altered. Through her latest body of works, Cheong uses life’s latitude to probe, to prostrate before God. Every piece is created from tranquillity; the start of each piece represents a commencement of daily worship. Every day in this new phase of her life, Cheong encounters endless surprises that continue to astonish her. The artist then records her experiences in a whimsical composition of humans, animals and nature. Just like a pregnant mother devotes love to her child, Cheong Kiet Cheng devotes herself to the process of creating her works.

“It is like each time I step into the forest, I am amazed at the wholeness of nature that God has given us. From there, I obtain the inspiration, ideas and love to create each work. Though we exist as creations of God, we also play a part in the creation of this world.”

In Sing to the land of my heart, the artist explores the laws of the universe where all beings go through the impermanent process of birth, aging, sickness and death. Although beauty is not forever, decay is not necessarily ugly and we must come to terms with transience and imperfection. Behind Two Hills – The Chorus of Life can be seen as the next chapter, the works convey messages of creation, birthing and coming to life whilst humbling and recognising the role that oneself plays in said process.

Behind Two Hills – The Chorus of Life will be showing from 3rd January to 28th February 2017 at Wei-Ling Gallery.

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