New Landscapes
Chin Kong Yee

New Landscapes features four new large paintings by Chin Kong Yee.
Landscapes, are a theme that Kong Yee has always been fascinated with.

In this suite of paintings he has managed to push the boundaries of his art-making by looking at how one painting(on two canvases) can be reconfigured to create a whole new scene ,and thus change the thrust of what is initially seen by the viewer.This versatility and innovation stems from his desire to create works which are multifaceted and displays his ability to create a new dimension in his wonderful fish-eye lens works which he has become well-known for. Following on from the captivating scenes of Europe that were seen at his last solo exhibition ‘Reality in Wonderland’, these four new paintings feature a combination of places ranging from the coast of Portugal to the haunting raintrees around Lake Taiping, Malaysia.

“New Landscapes” shows us Chin Kong Yee’s strength as an artist and his desire to continue making paintings which excite the senses.

New Landscapes features at Wei-Ling Gallery from the 16th August-8th September 2010.

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