The Flower
Chin Kong Yee

Wei-Ling Gallery is pleased to present The Flower, a solo exhibition by one of Malaysia’s most prominent painters, Chin Kong Yee.
Featuring ten paintings, predominantly on paper – a new medium for the artist, this exhibition marks the artist’s seventh solo exhibition with the gallery.

The artist is exploring a new medium and new ways of looking at calligraphy and Chinese painting. The variations of tonal effects and his use of this new material emphasise the transience of the moment. His exploration continues to involve the rotation of the world on an axis where it can be viewed in a 360° perspective. The objectives of the artist is accentuated through the eyes of the viewer as he transports them into his multifaceted world.

For Chin Kong Yee, it has always been about presenting multiple perspectives to his viewers, to capture that moment in time, the place, its smells, everyday life as it happens before us (once passed, gone forever). Taking us into his ‘world’, as he has lived and experienced it. Unfolding for us, the details in the everyday that we see but don’t always register. Opening new vistas and surprising and inspiring us, as each metamorphosis occurs before our eyes. Initially using the fish eye lens from the camera as his reference point, over the years he has explored and played with the myriad of ways in which a painting can be seen in turn, magnifying the viewing experience.

“A minute’s worth of an experience can equate to an incredible mass of data and what we choose to filter is what then remains as a memory. When we recall that particular moment, what we tend to remember of it is usually incomplete or has been recomposed in our minds into something a little different.
The world is special and uncertain.
That which we have never experienced only becomes “real” once we have actually experienced it for ourselves.
Art is like a vessel. It can transport us to different worlds and this sequentially reshapes our lives.
I have been a practicing artist for 16 years now. From “Undulating Spaces” to this latest solo exhibition, I have been on a continuous exploration of space and time and I have finally figured out that time is not linear. The past, present and future are all happening simultaneously. The past continues to change as our state of mind changes, in turn affecting how our future plays out.
Akin to a flower in bloom with its petals opening up unhurriedly.”

Chin Kong Yee Chin Kong Yee (b.1973) lives and works in Kuala Lumpur.
His works have been widely exhibited internationally and are within the collection of both public and private institutions.

The Flower will begin showing at Wei-Ling Gallery on the 12th of August and will continue until the 30th of September 2015.
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