Here and Now
Choy Chun Wei

It has been four years since Chun Wei’s first solo exhibition ‘Kaleidoscopic Landscapes’ made it’s debut at Wei-Ling Gallery.Over the last few years the artist has spent his time exploring and investigating his visual language through the bold use of found objects and the incorporation of multiple layers onto the surface of his works,to create a wonderful textured, tactile finish.

An awardee of the prestigious Freeman Foundation Residency in Vermont, USA Chun Wei’s much awaited new series entitled ‘Here and Now’ sees a journey which has taken him beyond the confines of the canvas into an investigative study of 3-dimensional pieces, which allowed him to physically ‘feel’ the space, and resulted in him seeing his artworks in a whole new light. This enlightenment of sorts has given rise to the title of this exhibition and dwells on issues of materialism and the relationships people living within an urban environment, have with consumerism.

‘Here and Now’ is reflective of the environment we are living in today as it highlights issues of social ills and how city-living can rob one of real values in life yet at the same time creates an artificial environment that we can escape into when we want to run away from the realities of life.

A much anticipated exhibition on the local art scene, Here and Now is the culmination of four years of work and shows Choy Chun Wei taking his artistic journey to the next level.

About Wei-Ling Gallery
Wei-Ling Gallery is housed in an award-winning building in the historic area of Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Formerly known as Townhouse Gallery, it was set up by Lim Wei-Ling and Yohan Rajan in 2002 to showcase the best of contemporary Malaysian art.
Since its inception, the gallery has mounted exciting exhibitions including solos by Malaysia’s leading contemporary artists and the gallery’s steadfast commitment to promoting contemporary Malaysia art to the wider public is shown in the numerous publications it has produced, as well as its participation in international art events such as Art Stage Singapore and the China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE).

About Wei-Ling Contemporary
Wei-Ling Contemporary is Wei-Ling Gallery’s new space at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur.
Opened in April 2011, the gallery has already been busy with an exhibition calendar that has seen solo exhibitions like Ivan Lam’s Together Alone, Stewart MacFarlane’s Inheritance, The Garden of Hidden Desires aqnd Anurendra’s Finding Graceland.
Wei-Ling Contemporary enriches the main gallery’s committed goal of reaching a wider public with contemporary art.

‘Here and Now’ by Choy Chun Wei features at Wei-Ling Contemporary, The Gardens Mall from 10th October- 2nd November 2011 and continues at Wei-Ling Gallery, 8 Jalan Scott, Brickfields from 8th Nov – 23rd Nov 2011
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