Forgotten Cities and Extracto
Claudia Bueno

We are pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition from the 13th of February to the 3rd of March featuring Venezuelan light artist, Claudia Bueno. In this exhibition two series will be presented: Forgotten Cities, and Extracto.

Claudia has an impeccable way of manipulating light, darkness, and shadow in her artwork in order to activate an immense sense of depth to the viewer. This therefore accents the subject matter in her work, which revolves around a selective display of various reflections sparked by life in Southeast Asia. Claudia has displayed her work internationally ranging from Latin America, to Switzerland, and the United States. Come immerse yourself in the ethereal works of Claudia Bueno at Wei-Ling Contemporary at The Gardens Mall, and experience the world as she sees it- in light and dark.

Artist’s Statement

Forgotten Cities
Forgotten Cities has resulted as a compilation of sights, rhythms and dynamics from places that seem to have been sidestepped by the modern world. On recent travels through the Southeast Asia region, I’ve encountered an extensive palette of images that, though foreign to me, have a notable resemblance with my home continent of South America. The thread that links these two very distant places, the one that captures my interest, is the testimony of time showing in these places that have been allowed to age. The lack of polish, repaint and maintenance permits these cities to tell the tales of their own history. A broken fence, a weathered wall, a tangled kite, a line of clothes left to dry, are all hints of what once took place.

These shadow collages present a fragmented architecture where houses, fences, doors and light posts do not always reveal their complete structures. They appear only as the parts that the memory can remember, leaving the rest to be imagined, recreated or forgotten…

Pristine environments, quiet depths and naive systems are caught off guard with the imposed presence of a foreign element, an unknown alien who no longer cooperates with the natural cycle. A plastic bottle, a wrapper, a pipe, machinery… human control.
Intellect and progress have found ways to force together natural elements that without human intervention would most likely never merge. Extraction, testing and manipulation have introduced new materials that now impose over nature, detonating an immeasurable chain of repercussions.

Nature meets technology.
Nature tries to coexist with it.
Nature sometimes surrenders.
Nature occasionally comes back to reclaim what was taken.

Though, when does evolution become unnatural? Isn’t any result of progress also a consequence of a natural process of humans naturally using their natural intellect?
If a bee’s hive is nature, can a person’s house be nature?

The series Extracto presents the tension that quietly occurs when nature, viewed in its purest way, meets with the actions of modern living. Jungles and waters become laboratories. Green and blue get extracted, bottled up and sent away to be distributed.

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