New Works
Dhavinder Singh & Al-Khuzairie

Although they have both come from different schools of thought and work in dissimilar materials, Dhavinder Singh and Al Khuzairy share a common theme in their the use of the human figure as a reference point for their works.

Born in 1983,Dhavinder Singh obtained a Diploma from MIA(Malaysia Institute of art)before heading to the United Kingdom to attain his BA(Fine Art) from the Cardiff School of Art and Design.He is a new breed of artist on the contemporary Malaysian art scene for he wants to allow the audience to make their own deductions and interpretations about his artworks and is creating artworks for the sake of art’s sake.Using man-made objects, at times new and at times recycled,he employs geometrical forms,theories on proportion,and his strong aesthetic to create artworks which forces us to examine his thought processes.

Al-Khuzairy was born in 1984 and is a product of the well known UITM school of Art.A young artist whose main medium is clay his pieces are a lively combination of man-made and found objects.In exploring the confluence between where human beings leave off and machines take over, the artist strives to find a balance between the two.His works have been collected by the National Art Gallery,Malaysia.

For Dhavin his play of the figure in his graphic spatial works explore balance and harmony whilst Al Khuzairy uses the human form to express his view on the world.

These two young artists are leading the next generation of contemporary artists in Malaysia,and the juxtaposition of their artworks in an exhibition aims to show the audience the varied yet exciting direction of art now.

‘New Works’ by Dhavinder Singh and Al Khuzairy features at Wei-Ling Gallery from 5th September -2nd October 2011.
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