18@8 Save The Planet
Group Show

Wei-Ling Gallery’s annual 18@8 exhibitions have always been highly anticipated as they bring to the forefront a selection of the country’s most compelling and interesting artists all working within the perimeters of a theme or the exploration of an idea but more importantly allows them the freedom to experiment and encourages them to think out of the box.

The 18@8 series is now into it’s seventh edition after its inaugural debut in 2005 which featured 18 artists at No.8 Jalan Scott (the Gallery’s address). In 2006 the second instalment of 18@8 KUL-KHI was presented at the Amin Gulgee Gallery in Karachi, Pakistan while 2007 saw the exhibition back on homesoil. In the following two years the exhibition took on a new twist.

18@8-Vice and Virtue in 2008 saw nine selected artists creating two works each corresponding to one vice and one virtue. In 2009, 18@8 1Malaysia:Beyond the Canvas the artists were asked to express themselves outside the confines of the canvas to document their ideas of what 1Malaysia stands for through a central ‘transportation’ theme.

Last year’s Absolut 18@8 saw the artists working on Absolut bottles which were then auctioned off in aid of the SPCA.

In this year’s installation of their annual 18@8 exhibition, Wei-Ling Contemporary in collaboration with The Gardens Mall and Action City present 18@8 Save the Planet.

As the title suggests, this year’s project involves the artists focusing on pertinent issues which they personally feel need to be addressed in order to preserve our planet but this time through using The Robonut, a new limited edition toy that will be launched in 2012.

Through our eyes we are able to see all that makes the world beautiful, the physical beauty round us,an amazing sunset,the beauty of mother nature and of man made creations, a great work of art…the face of your child, yet at the same time life is not always as beautiful as we want it to be. The ugly side of it comes in the form of the atrocities that mankind has inflicted upon nature and
the world as we know it. Wreaking havoc on mother nature.

Many of us turn a blind eye to what is happening around us as we feel overwhelmed and somewhat helpless to remedy the situation. Nonetheless as individuals we can try in our own little ways to make things better. The Robonut is a good Samaritan who wants to save the planet but unlike other super heroes he des not possess any superpowers. Thus his mission is very much like ours-he wants to do something to help but has limited powers to do so and in this way we can translate our hopes for a better world through the

The Robonut (like Bear brick Toys) is set to become a collectible among toy enthusiasts and will be created in several sizes, with the large ones being of a limited number.

Each artist will be creating an original artwork which revolves around saving the planet and will also be using the Robonut toy as a ‘canvas’ to create an original work.

As with Absolut 18@8 last year we want this year’s exhibition to give a little something back to society.

The Robonuts will be exhibited at The Gardens Mall for the month of December and the individual, one-off toys which have been created by some of Malaysia’s leading contemporary artists will be auctioned off at a private event to raise money for an environmental cause.

Last year’s Absolut18@8 raised RM53,850 for the SPCA through the auctioning of Absolut bottles which had been individually created by the artists.

Participating artists for 18@8 Save the Planet are:
Ivan Lam, Justin Lim, Anurendra Jegadeva, Cheng Yen Pheng, Kim Ng, Donald Abram, Cheong Tuck Wai, Yau Bee Ling, Yim Yen Sum,
Ilham Fadly, Umibaizurah Mahir, Al Khuzairie, Dhavinder Singh, Azliza Ayob, Rajinder Singh, Choy Chun Wei, Gan Tee Sheng and
Wong Chee Meng

18@8 Save the Planet features at Wei-Ling Contemporary at The Gardens Mall from 2nd December 2011-5th January 2012.
Wei-Ling Contemporary is located at
G212&213A Ground Floor,
The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur 59200, Malaysia.
Pls call 22601106/22828323 or email weilingart@gmail.com for more information.
Wei-Ling Contemporary is open Daily from 11am-9pm.

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