Blank Page
Group Show

Blank Page marks the beginning, a fresh sheet, a new leaf, the start of serious art practice for young artists to carve a name for themselves as visual artists. How do we view new artists on the scene? Raw and unpolished gems? The development of these artists forms an essential component of the maturity process to find their own visual language. Young artists need our encouragement and support in their artistic journey.

Blank Page or an empty sheet of paper is the theme for this year’s exhibition. In accordance to the gallery’s objective of promoting contemporary Malaysian Art, we are taking the less travelled road of promoting a new generation of Malaysian artists. Recent graduates from local art colleges, these aspiring start-ups are full of vigour and intent. The younglings are finding their footing in the art world, with enthusiasm and hope.

It is the gallery’s intent to create a platform for these young artists. All four participants have shown their drive, discipline, talent and motivation to be serious artists. They are Gan Tee Sheng, Dhavinder Singh, Chong Ai Lei and Anabelle Ng. Who are they? Virtual unknowns of today, who may be the biggest names of tomorrow.

Diverse in nature of their works, they have come together to engage in a common theme, censorship. It is a refreshing take of an oft discussed issue by younger voices who are more exposed and inclined to visual and cyber culture. This exhibition provides an opportunity to showcase visual productions of similar discourse alongside individualistic concerns.

This exhibition may be seen as an initiation to a new generation of emerging artists eager to carve a niche for themselves. Is there another Ibrahim Hussein or Latiff Mohidin in the making? Let us witness the beginning in Blank Page.