The year that was
Group Show

Wei-Ling Gallery rounds up its annual calendar with a fitting group exhibition entitled ‘The Year That Was’ – an almanac of sorts, presenting the themes that have defined the year 2008 from the perspective of some of Malaysia’s most provocative artists.

Each artist has corresponded to the year’s transformative events, which have potential to change Malaysia’s socio-political landscape. The exhibition simultaneously records and writes history, as artworks err from being mere documentation or retrospection. In short, participating artists go beyond simple storytelling using the highly potent medium of visual imagery.

The line-up of artists is a diverse one that mirror’s the nation’s mixed makeup. They include Hamir Soib, K. Azril Ismail, Jeganathan Ramachandram, Juhari Said, Marvin Chan, and Noor Azizan Rahman Paiman. Each artist has a distinctively individual style (offering audiences variegated insights), but collectively, they are known for their captivating narration and sensitivity to the developments of the environment they live in, certainly making for a thought-provoking exhibition on the year that was.

‘The Year That Was’ runs from December 1 – 29 at Wei-Ling Gallery, 8 Jalan Scott, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.