Dari Langit dan Bumi
Hamidi Hadi

At first glance, the monumental works of Hamidi Hadi bring to mind some of the most important abstractionists of our time; the large strokes and the simplistic forms of Helen Frankenthaler, the intense colour and layering in the works of Gerhard Richter, the many lines and marks drawn using oil by Peter Lanyon. Despite the many resemblances, Hamidi manages to induce a unique personal flair to his paintings. And that is why, when it comes to Malaysian abstractionists, the name; Hamidi Hadi, stands out prominently. He makes his return to Wei-Ling Contemporary this October for his much anticipated 6th solo exhibition entitled, Dari Langit dan Bumi.

Hamidi Hadi has consistently had an immense fascination with the process of mark making in his paintings, holding the process itself, in the highest regard, and considering marks as a significant form. The artist believes that the process presents a great possibility in the artistic visuals he brings forth in his paintings. Hamidi Hadi humbles himself to constantly learn new things and welcome the happy accidents that happen during the process of making his artworks. To quote the artist himself “Accidents and the things you can’t control are what makes things unique”

Dari Langit dan Bumi, aptly titled so, comes from the fact that Hamidi, has unceasingly taken inspiration from nature and landscapes. During his stay in Seri Iskandar, Perak, Hamidi resided in a house nearing a group of hills, and he had always paid close attention to the changes in the land. Be it changes that occur of natural causes or changes that happen due to human activities. The cracks and fissures in the land produce an aesthetic character from a visual perspective. However, that is not the artist’s main purpose; instead Hadi searches for an inter-relationship with the land; a connection with his Creator. In a sense, Hamidi Hadi’s paintings lean towards a spiritual element. A value that he finds hard to leave behind.

The use of unconventional mediums have been a recurring theme of Hamidi’s; looking back at his previous exhibition entitled BALAM, which refers to the act of seeing or looking at something from afar, where it remains obscure, hazy, and indistinguishable. In which the artist’s usage of polyurethane, enamel paint and resin allows him to create such character in his works. However, in Dari Langit dan Bumi, Hadi has gone for a more minimalistic approach, limiting most of the works to only acrylic and resin. In spite of that, Hamidi is still able to produce a tactile visual that indirectly leads to the recreation of the beauty he sees in the surface of the land.

Dari Langit dan Bumi will be showing from 2nd October to 1st November 2016 at Wei-Ling Contemporary

Wei-Ling Contemporary is located at RT01 Sixth Floor, The Gardens Mall, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Admission hours are Tuesday-Sunday 11am-7pm. .

Please call 0322828323/ 0322601106 or email: weiling.johnlim@gmail.com for more information.