Trembling in Silence

Wei-Ling Gallery is pleased to present ‘Trembling in Silence‘, the ninth solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Hamidi Hadi. This latest show explores the human experience, charting shifts in awareness and sentiments elicited by the artist’s recent encounters with anxiety amid these troubling times.

The thematic resonance between ‘Trembling in Silence‘ and Hamidi’s previous solo exhibition in 2021, titled ‘Saring II: Sublimity‘, is evident in the artist’s exploration of internal struggles and external influences. In ‘Saring II: Sublimity‘, Hamidi depicted moments of quiet strength and acceptance amidst adversity, showcasing a willingness to surrender to forces beyond his control. 

In this body of work, the artist continues to grapple with these themes but with a heightened sense of vulnerability. The isolation brought about by the pandemic allowed Hamidi to confront his anxieties head-on, resulting in a raw essence of human fragility. ‘Trembling in Silence’ displays an explosive energy, reflecting societal upheaval and cognitive dissonance while exploring ongoing global conflicts, evoking a pervasive sense of helplessness.

Hamidi incorporates tapestries and carpets adorned with motifs from the Middle East, using charcoal to deliberately burn and mark distinct holes in the fabric. Through this technique, he probes into fractured homelands and their historical significance, bearing witness to lost souls and vanishing legacies. This change in trajectory reflects Hamidi’s personal experience of detachment from ordinary life. Consistent with his artistic approach of utilising natural pigments and minerals to depict nature, the incorporation of these new materials resonates with themes of cultural identity, displacement and the struggle for survival in chaos.

“I stumbled upon some words from Rumi, ‘Ego as a veil between humans and God’, in which he speaks of the ego as a curtain between people and God. It felt like encountering something significant in my artistic journey, a moment of introspection. The inner feelings that I may not always notice shift from one emotion to another spontaneously, coincidentally, and sometimes unexpectedly.” – Hamidi Hadi

This is Hamidi’s attempt to untangle a knot, fundamentally serving as both an inspiration and a response to his two innate states: his existence amidst the tranquil space of nature and his confrontation with the realities of human life. It is a perfect example of the artist’s own ‘Trembling in Silence‘.

Trembling in Silence‘ is featured at Wei-Ling Gallery from 6 – 27 April 2024.

Wei-Ling Gallery is located at No 8, Jalan Scott, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Admission hours are Tuesday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm.

Exhibition is open by appointment only. For appointments and further assistance, please contact +60322601106 or e-mail




Hamidi Hadi is regarded as one of the most prominent abstract artists of his generation, and is well-known for his experimental and explorative use of material. Over the years, his practice has formally migrated from pictorial representation of the objective world, into abstraction and the synthesis of complex materials and methods, to describe his emotional and spiritual responses to the world.

He investigates the natural phenomenon of the world and uses this in his imaginary landscapes, through the application of industrial paint, resin, wax, linseed oil and charcoal in layers, allowing gravity and movement, to create surface tension. As we contemplate his abstract works, we begin to connect the reference points that give us clues to the artist’s inner landscape, and his contemplation of his place in the world.

Hamidi Hadi received the UOB Painting of the Year (Malaysia) – Bronze Award, Established Artist Category in 2018, the Bank Negara’s Kijang Award in 2004 and the Philip Morris ASEAN Biennale Art Award in 2000. His works have also been collected by both public and private institutions and corporations. Amongst them are the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Setia Berhad, and the National Art Gallery of Malaysia. He has exhibited extensively both within Malaysia and on international platforms, with exhibitions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.