Have You Ever
By Wong Chee Meng

Wei-Ling Gallery is pleased to present, Have You Ever, a solo exhibition by contemporary Malaysian artist, Wong Chee Meng. This marks the artist’s 3rd solo exhibition with the gallery.

As society progresses, the social pressures that come with it become more intense, causing some to fall into a state of malaise. To the artist, the title is a means of reflection towards the current lifestyles and cultures of the times we live in. As we encounter various crises, we begin to feel stressed, exhausted and apathetic. Soon these feelings start emerging too frequently and in turn, becomes our reality. It is easy to continue lamenting over our sorrows, but if we just take a step back, and try to view things differently, we may start to see obstacles as opportunities instead.

This body of work embodies this shift in the artist’s attitude to life. A beach ball is incorporated into almost every painting; acting as a metaphor for the opportunities that we are given in life. We have a choice either to be complacent and leave this status quo, or to pick ourselves up and
make something out of nothing.

An accident when Wong was younger, caused his vision to be impaired in one eye; which lead to him developing his unique double-image style of painting. Therefore, his paintings are a direct interpretation of how he views the world. Wong Chee Meng’s imagery incorporates familiar objects, as he feels they are more relative towards our current lifestyles. At the same time, familiarity also ensures common ground between the viewers. However, the viewers are encouraged to think beyond what they see. Every painting has a different story, a different scenario; even if the objects are the same. Wong hopes that his paintings will be relatable to anyone and that it will lead them to recognise what is appropriate for their situation.

Over the last 15 years Wong Chee Meng’s work has been exhibited both locally and internationally at exhibitions and art fairs in the Czech Republic, Macau, Taiwan, South America, Singapore and South Korea. He was selected as the artist in residence at the Mali Hom Residency in Penang in 2007 and represented Malaysia at an exposition of Malaysian art in Havana Cuba in 2006. Most recently, in 2015, Wong was selected to participate in the Kuandu Residency Program at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan.

Have You Ever will be showing from 4th April to 1st May 2017 at Wei-Ling Gallery. Wei-Ling Gallery is located at 8, Jalan Scott, Brickfields, 50470, Kuala Lumpur. Please call 03-22601106 or email weiling.johnlim@gmail.com