Ivan Lam: After all these years……..

In August 2007, Wei-Ling Gallery presents one of the most awaited shows on their calendar, a solo exhibition of new works by the innovative Malaysian artist Ivan Lam. Entitled, ‘Ivan Lam: After all these years…’ the new collection of works are a distinct departure from previous works which predominantly explored the silkscreen in it’s various forms.

Ivan Lam, being the mastermind that he is, conceptualized and executed these unique works over the last three years. This series of work consists of 10 paintings that have been painstakingly researched and prepared. Interestingly, when placed in chronological order, they unfold to reveal the tragic story of star-crossed lovers trapped within a world that has already pre-determined their fate!

Very much a thinking artist , Ivan Lam is not contented to rest on his laurels, and is constantly challenging himself to elevate his art form to a new level. When asked which was his best work , his short answer was, “the work I haven’t painted yet!!” To keep him ahead of his game, and excited about his journey, Ivan Lam is always looking ahead, towards the next painting, constantly pushing the envelope and taking risks, and his new works, more than ever before are testament to this principle.

An award winning artist who has garnered numerous art awards both locally and internationally, he was the grand prize-winner for the sought-after Phillip Morris Art prize in 2003, and was most recently amongst the top 10 finalists in the prestigious Sovereign Art competition, in Hong Kong.
Ivan Lam is truly a force to be reckoned with.

“Ivan Lam: After all these years……….…” will feature at Wei-Ling Gallery from August 16th 2007- September 12th 2007.

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