Juhari Said

In September, the renowned Malaysian printmaker Juhari Said features at Wei-Ling Gallery with his most exciting series to date. In his 25 years of working as a printmaker, he has worked predominantly using woodblocks to create his distinctive artworks on paper/canvas. In this exhibition entitled ‘OKIR’, the works are no longer just prints procured from woodblocks, but are the actual blocks of wood!

OKIR’ the word, draws its roots from an ancient South East Asian word for ‘carving’.

‘OKIR’ will feature 18 free-standing blocks of wood, ranging in height from 5ft-9ft, which have been individually carved to form an elaborate pattern on the surface area of the wood. The new series is something the artist stumbled upon after experimenting and exploring with his favorite medium, wood.

As the artist says, “I had no intention to make sculpture, I just wanted to take printmaking into another dimension”.

‘OKIR’ will be an extraordinary exhibition not only for the artist’s artistic development , but also for the sheer scale and detail of the works presented.

The exhibition will feature at Wei-Ling Gallery, 8 Jalan Scott , Brickfields , Kuala Lumpur 50470, Malaysia from 24th Sept-15th October 2007.