An Idyllic Space
Kim Ng

Kim Ng, one of the country’s leading printmakers holds his 5th solo exhibition at Wei-Ling Gallery in March 2009.The exhibition entitled “An Idyllic Space” explores modern living and investigates how we as human beings interact with our environment.In this body of works Kim continues on his voyage of self-discovery, imbuing his works with nostalgic references which reflect his idyllic childhood and his time growing up in a small town in Malaysia.

‘An Idyllic Space’ explores the notion of the existence of place and space, where he has recorded events and activities which have happened during his time spent there, and has then juxtaposed these images to construct a ‘new place’ in his artworks.

In his words he says “in an attempt to construct an idealized place/space through the images taken from the surroundings in my work, I destruct the true identity of the actual place, and in its place have created my own visual form”.

This desire to find utopia in his works has given Kim the ability to see the world through his own rose-tinted glasses and in so doing his pieces allow us to escape into the beauty of this perfect place.

‘An Idyllic Space’ features at Wei-Ling Gallery, from 9th March -3rd April 2009.