Playing GOD
Ruzzeki Harris

Wei-Ling Gallery is pleased to present Playing GOD a solo exhibition by emerging contemporary artist, Ruzzeki Harris. This marks the artist’s 2nd solo exhibition with the gallery, following Gone Viral in 2015.

Playing GOD depicts the social conduct of today’s society through the artist’s own observation. Many names have been coined to describe the current era in which we live in; “The Social Media Era”, “The Second Depression”, or as Ruzzeki Harris himself puts it “The Slandering Era”. Day in and day out, we see the “elite” class habitually assuming the main role in human hierarchy; discerning themselves quite tenaciously as an oppressor amongst the mediocre class and minorities, subjugating the less fortunate to their feet. Acts of slandering have become all too common, almost as if growing into a necessity in our everyday life; making us turn vile against one another and eventually molding our society into something vulnerable.

In his last solo exhibition entitled, Gone Viral, Ruzzeki tackles the ridiculousness of the general people’s obsession with technology; more specifically, smartphones. A gadget purposed into spreading half truths on social media, taking selfies and constant texting. Aptly titled is the exhibition, as this is a phenomena that has indeed; gone viral. The figures portrayed in the paintings are rendered with a surrealistic semi-real quality, posed in a situation that seems to be of mockery.

Ruzzeki Harris provides satirical commentary in his artworks, through his usage of pop culture references and citing inspiration from a wide array of subjects such as street art, social media, fashion, social media and independent music. These themes then come together, forming a dreamy-pop quality whilst also suggesting notions of chaos and franticness. His works have been exhibited across Southeast Asia, America and Europe.

Playing GOD will be showing from 4th to 31st July 2017 at Wei-Ling Gallery.

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