The Urban Abyss
Wong Chee Meng

We are pleased to share The Urban Abyss, an exhibition by Wong Chee Meng at Wei-Ling Contemporary, showing from 10th April to 8th May 2013. With his last solo Inward having taken place in 2008, this body of work promises to be a strong development from his previous solo exhibition. The artist’s interests lie within the experimentation and discovery of different image-making techniques; through additive and subtractive transformations, weaving random subjects into imbricate creations. The artist believes that art has a place in all our lives and it is all just a matter of recognising its presence. His art is essentially image-play stimulated from the methods and styles of paper-cutting and stencil art, a great combination of such timeless crafts. Chee Meng chooses to refer to his works as fictional compositions, as taglines and storylines are conjured before proceeding with the actual design process. In turn, viewing them as fictitious formations. Within this particular series, his artworks are a response to current social, urban events. The artist finds that he gains inspiration from a myriad of sources such as advertisements, thought-out design (i.e. arrangements, colours and composition) along with different forms of existing urban art, comprising of photos, furniture, street art, dance, music, et al. With the intention to explore and develop the possibilities of the “remixed cultures” in his work, these layered paintings are composed of three visual surfaces through contemporary artistic execution. Chee Meng describes his works as, “a mix of a hard-edged painting approach with a dramatic figurative reinterpretation to relay more complex meanings”. Essentially, the artist’s wish is to provide his audience with the chance to witness what he believes to be an exceptional combination of paper-cutting effects and encourages them to look beyond the materials and techniques to decipher the messages that lay beneath. Wong Chee Meng has shown his works in an impressive slew of exhibitions around Malaysia as well as Singapore, with the most recent one being at ION Art, Singapore for 18@8 KUL-SIN, presented by Wei-Ling Gallery.

The Urban Abyss shall show from the 10th April to 8th May 2013 at Wei-Ling Contemporary. We very much look forward to seeing you there!

Wei-Ling Contemporary is located at G212&213A Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Wei-Ling Contemporary is open Daily from 10am-9pm. Admission is free.