Yusri Sulaiman

The brightest new spark on the Malaysian art scene Yusri Sulaiman is set to take K.L. by storm this month with the opening of his first solo exhibition- Jungle.

Jungle investigates the difficult lives of the indigenous people and wild animals that live within our vast tropical jungles. With the effects of global warming, and as a result, the destructive forest fires that have wreaked havoc on our environment, the repercussions are huge.

Animals are going extinct and the ‘jungle people’ are finding it increasingly difficult to find food and continue their lives in their chosen habitat. Yusri highlights their plight with his strong oil on canvas paintings that are a unique combination of figurative realism and abstract art. In his own inimitable style, he captures the character and thoughts of each of his subjects.

“Jungle” runs at Wei-Ling Gallery from October 24th-14th November 2005.