The Search for Light
Amin Gulgee

Internationally renown sculptor Amin Gulgee hails from Karachi, Pakistan. A graduate from Yale University, USA with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Art History, he has exhibited his works extensively in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

A household name in his country of origin, he has been commissioned to do numerous public sculptures by the Pakistani government including a piece entitled “The Message” for the Presidency in Islamabad, and “Minar” which now stands in the Quaid-e-Azan International Airport in Karachi. His latest achievement being the 40 ft high “Forgotten Text” which was jointly sponsored by Glaxo Smith Kline, Merck Marker, Pakistan State Oil, Pakistan Tobacco Company and Siemens in 2004 and how stands proudly at prominent roundabout in Karachi, Pakistan.

Amin Gulgee is an innovator of tradition. His medium is metal, his inspiration the rich and spiritual history of his native Pakistan. In the decade that he has been exhibiting and working, his sculptures have ranged from the purely abstract to works that draw inspiration from Hindu mythology, Buddhist civilisations and Islamic calligraphy.

Although diverse, these directions influence and nourish one another for they all attempt to depict the spirituality of man. Chief art critic of the Washington Times, Joanna Shaw- Eagle wrote on January 1st, 2000 in her review of his one-man show at the IMF.

Mr. Gulgee is an artist to watch both for the originality of his ideas and the sensuous, handsome quality of his work.