Sojourn to Bali
Kow Leong Kiang & Lui Cheng Thak

Two contemporary Malaysian artists, Kow Leong Kiang and Lui Cheng Thak bring together their views on Bali after a month long sojourn to the mystical island. Phillip Morris award winner Kow Leong Kiang is recognized for his sensuous depictions of women and children against rural Malaysian landscapes whilst Lui Cheng Thak’s nostalgic renditions of bird cages and pre-war buildings in the city are what he has become well known for.

This is an exceptional show as it displays the differing perspectives taken by the two artists while they worked, lived and created in a whole new environment outside of Malaysia.

Sojourn to Bali features at the Townhouse Gallery from 27th September – 18th October 2004.