Chen Wei Meng & Wong Perng Fey

‘Heartland’ features at Wei-Ling Gallery in the month of July.
This exhibition looks at the works of two artists, Chen Wei Meng and Wong Perng Fey who are firm friends and who share the same views about the desecration and disintegration of their beloved environment. Ironically, their art does not reflect this as their works of the landscape are diametrically opposite to one another in form and technique. In comparing the works though, there lies an inherent feeling of tranquillity which is prevalent in all the pieces for this exhibition.
In the works of Chen Wei Meng, one cannot help but be drawn in by their melancholic beauty and the technical mastery of his distinctively detailed paintings.These pieces are a shift away from his exploration of the coast of Terengganu and instead concentrate on the rugged terrain of Ulu Selangor.
For Wong Perng Fey, the new paintings are an attempt to capture the space in between the passing of time and place. He places the viewer as the passenger in a train looking out through a dirty window that separates us from the landscape beyond, which passes us by before we can even register it. His works evoke a feeling of coming to terms with loss – that of time and place.

Heartland features at Wei-Ling Gallery from the 5th-31st July 2010.

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