Heads Up
Group Show

In March/April2010, Wei-Ling Gallery brings you ‘Heads UP’. As the title suggests, this exhibition serves up a smorgasbord of heads and faces although not always on a platter!

For centuries artists have been fascinated with the human face, with many commissioned to paint portraits of their wealthy patrons over the course of time. With the onset of photography, portraiture was largely displaced, but artists around the world have continued to create representations of the human countenance for the face is intrinsically a reflection of one’s feelings and expresses our thoughts and emotions.

Just as art is a reflection of the soul, portrayals of the face is mankind’s way of capturing the essence of itself. In this way, it can be said that portrait painting is the art of art, and the portrait painter is the artist of artists. In striving to accomplish in representation what many artists strive for in abstraction, the portrait artist embodies the struggle of all art to define the meaning of self.

We are all fascinated by how we are portrayed by people -be it a young child, friend, stranger or artist. In this way we can begin to understand the unique appeal of portraits and the insight and beauty that it can bring to the occupation of self-exploration.

For this exhibition, we bring you heads up on a selection of Malaysian artists who draw inspiration from the enchantment of the human face/head. Each artist has a unique approach to the subject and delivers an individualistic point of view, both technically and intellectually.

The artists participating in this exhibition are Chong Choon Woon, Ng Bee, Kim Ng, Marvin Chan, Mohd Al-Khuzairie Ali, Chee Eng Hong.

‘Heads UP’ features at Wei-Ling Gallery from the 29th March 2010-28th April 2010. Wei-ling Gallery is located at No.8 Jalan Scott, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, 50470, Malaysia
Wei-Ling Gallery is Open Mon-Fri,12-7pm, Sat 10-5pm.Closed Sundays. Admission is free.