Measuring Love
Group Show

We are pleased to share with you Measuring Love, a thematic group exhibition based around the concept of Love, to be held at Wei-Ling Contemporary from 30th July to 10th September 2013. The number 9 forms the numerological figure for love, thus we have invited 9 of Malaysia’s emerging artists at the forefront of the Malaysian contemporary art scene, to participate in this exhibition, with Cheng Yen Pheng, Ruzzeki Harris, Anisa Abdullah, Shahrul Jamili and Sean Lean being some of the names amongst them.

Participating artists have been asked to respond to the idea of Love, as it is described and pondered in the text below and to create pieces which can either be individual artworks or form a set of works.

Love. Oftentimes, a word so loosely applied. At the very heart of it all however, what weight does love ultimately hold for you? Possessing a multitude of manifestations, love exists in forms of the unconditional, reciprocal, unrequited, or even that for inanimate possessions. How does one decide what value and worth their love should hold? Or that it should possess the ability to encompass you wholly and dominate your actions and judgment?

The common-most introduction to love for almost any person transpires at birth, in the form of parental, platonic and familial love. How this love then progresses or regresses, plays a contributing factor to one’s views and perceptions of matters pertaining. It sequentially affects what one chooses to associate the idea and concept of love with and who or what one feels is worth bestowing the act of love upon.

Of course, when the topic of love is discussed, one of the more immediate associations would be that of the romantic kind. Easily the most addressed and explored form, it bears an array of facets from love upon first sight to first loves to enduring love to failed love, and not forgetting the most woeful of the lot, that of the unrequited. Some also choose to retain the values of astrological compatibility as a guiding path towards the most ideal romantic relationship.

A love so strong can inspire one to commit tremendous acts as a way of expressing the magnitude of their feelings. This can be done through simple loving gestures, lavish gifting, or for a little more extreme example, building a meticulously intricate mausoleum i.e. The Taj Mahal, so simply in the name of love. With love’s many positive qualities, so too does it come with its share of detriment. When a romantic relationship has reached its end or gone sour, some are able to make the decision to continue on with life, and with ease, whereas some may face a more difficult time coping and moving on. We have also all come across or heard of situations of a love gone wrong involving dire repercussions such as the taking of one’s own life or the life of a lover, so simply and frightfully, also in the name of love.

The concept and measure of love varies from one individual to the next. Although something so intangible, the power of love is undeniably incredible and it possesses the ability to inspire one to do such great and the next, the complete opposite.
What classifies as the most substantial form of love and how would its true measure and frequency be illustrated or conveyed?

Measuring Love will be showing at Wei-Ling Contemporary from 30th July to 10th September 2013. We look forward to seeing you there!

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