Bewildered, Once More
Toon Hian

We are pleased to announce Bewildered, Once More, the much awaited solo exhibition by Toon Hian, at Wei-Ling Contemporary from 21st June to 30th July 2013.

With Toon Hian’s previous and first solo entitled Bewildered having taken place in 2011, the works in this upcoming show will witness a revisit to familiar subject matters of ghosts, demigods, legends, animals and landscapes, all within the artist’s signature implementation of inks and watercolours. Employing very deft brushstrokes and fine textures, Toon Hian’s vibrant and vivacious artworks reveal a simplistic naiveté which is reserved only for those who have been able to retain the ability to see things as they are. As a whole, the works to be featured within this upcoming exhibition are an evocation of the artist’s memories of his life in Perak and of incidents which have taken place over the past thirty years. A rekindling of what once was.

Bewildered was received as a truly unexpected, unhindered and curious delight, and Bewildered, Once More promises no less. This time around however, viewers will be greeted by works of a larger format, as opposed to the smaller scaled series previously delivered.
Hailing from a prominent industrialist Chinese family from Ipoh, Toon Hian was schooled in the UK and thereafter came back to live, work and settle in Ipoh, Malaysia. He is a successful businessman who is painfully private and his artworks are his escape away from the realities of this world. To further denote this, Bewildered, Once More will mark Toon Hian’s second ever solo showing throughout his thirty years of practice.

Bewildered, Once More will be showing at Wei-Ling Contemporary from 21st June to 30th July 2013. We look forward to seeing you there!

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