Ivan Lam

In July 2012,Ivan Lam one of Malaysia’s leading contemporary artists presents a trilogy of works entitled MACHINES.

The three monumental works, each measuring 9ft (height)x7ft (width),represent the Trinity. In his use of the number ‘3’ he addresses issues which encompass the power of the number in it’s biblical symbolism representing the Father,The Son and the Holy spirit as well as how this translates into the reality of life in multi-cultural Malaysia, where three races co-exist with one another-sometimes harmoniously. These three works present the veneer of a harmonious existence which is sometimes overshadowed by underlying issues which lurk beneath the surface. In these new works he captures the essence of what most Malaysians feel and although not apparent to most, is clear to those who know. A combination of contrasts, these three works will be visually arresting yet powerful in their message.

Ivan Lam (b1975) has earned a reputation as one of Malaysia’s leading contemporary artists for his ability to push the boundaries of his art practice. Unafraid to take risks and never content to rest on his laurels, he constantly challenges himself by experimenting with new techniques and mediums in a bid to take his artworks to a new level.Over the last decade, he has charted new territory on the contemporary Malaysian art scene with his mastery of printmaking and now his conquering of contemporary painting.He has exhibited widely in the local and international arena and has also garnered multiple awards in a 14 year career laden with solo and group exhibitions.

MACHINES features at Wei-Ling Contemporary from July 5th 2012 – August 5th 2012

Wei-Ling Contemporary is located at G212 Ground Floor,The Gardens Mall,Kuala Lumpur 59200,Malaysia.Pls call 03-22828323/03-22601106 or email for more information.
Wei-Ling Contemporary is open Daily from 11am-9pm.Admission is free.
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