Form Unknown Made
Ahmad Osnei Peii

Wei-Ling Gallery is proud to present Ahmad Osni Peii, an Indonesian sculptor who resides in KL, after living in United States for more than 40 years. A graduate from New York and California with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, he has exhibited his work extensively across the United States and also shown his monumental sculptures in Spain, Canada, The Netherlands, United Kindgom, Jordan, Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Award winning Peii had also been commissioned by institutions such as National Galleries and Museums around the world to install his artworks into public spaces for a shared experience.

Influenced by the school of Constructivism, Peii’s work explores the idea of space. As his monumental artworks convey no associative, discoursing or literal meanings, the ideology is similar to how music, movement in dance and order in nature are created. Peii uses the term “Form Unknown”, for the varied shapes and structures of his sculptures, viewable from all vantage points. As Peii has adopted the ideology of Constructivism in creating his very own colossal art pieces, legendary artists including Naum Gabo, Max Bill and Paul Klee continue to inspire him.

Constructivism originated from Russia in 1919, the manifested dogma came from artists such as Alexander Rodchenko and Vladimir Tatlin. Their aim was to construct not only beautiful art work but also to bring art into public spaces, so that art would serve not just the aesthetics of a few but also provide to the community. This ideology significantly swayed Ahmad Osni Peii when he started creating his “Three Dimensional Art”.

Breaching away from a wonted artist’s studio, this intellectual sculptor produces pieces which challenge paintings on canvas, with their nonfigurative forms symbolizing unity, joined in harmony with the idea of wholeness, a concept of gestalt. Although there are now many metal and steel sculptors, Peii’s art distinctly explores the creation of the Universe in an abstract format. Due to the Islamic philosophy, his creations of art are nonrepresentational and do not imitate or resemble actual objects.
Using geometric visual elements of lines, plane, space, solid, void, concave, convex, etc. which he calls ‘formal allegory’, Peii’s pieces render the turbulent, arresting and enthralling nature and magnitude of the universe in a truthful and appreciative manner. He makes art for the public, engaging them in a kaleidoscopic interplay, where they are entranced by the geometry and transparency of his “Three Dimensional Art”.

The artist has not had an exhibition in Malaysia for over a decade , so this exhibition will be much anticipated.
‘Form Unknown Made’ a solo exhibition by Ahmad Osni Peii features at Wei-Ling Contemporary from June 6th 2012- July 1st 2012.

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