The Feng Shui Show

Wei-Ling Gallery is delighted to usher in the Year of the Rabbit with a timely solo debut by one of Malaysia’s most beloved emerging artist in Feng Shui: A Solo Exhibition by Munkao.

Feng Shui is a meeting point between age old metaphysics of Feng Shui and contemporary art. This exploration sees Munkao, an artist well recognised for his painterly foray into our everyday pop culture, apply Feng Shui principles and imageries to his new series of ‘painstallations’, ‘prosperity sculptures’ and ‘auspicious neo-landscapes’.

For millennia, the ancient science and aesthetics of Feng Shui, which is based on living in harmony with the heaven and earth, have been applied for the improvement and well being of the individual and society at large. By constructing one’s building or decorating one’s home according to its principles, Feng Shui promises a life of meaningful abundance that is aligned with the laws of nature.

As a possible first in the history of modern and contemporary art, Feng Shui breaks new ground by inviting a Feng Shui Master to curate the exhibition display based on his expert and authentic knowledge of Feng Shui. Through this exploration of a new curatorial strategy, we believe that the viewers’ experience of and expectations for of the exhibition will be enhanced and challenged.

Feng Shui will showcase Munkao’s illustrative and conceptual prowess in creating emotional stirring and aesthetically pleasing works of art that draws upon the popular repertoire of Chinese symbolism – numbers, animals, landscape. These artworks will be a unique addition to your art collection and is best displayed according to Feng Shui principles. Whether you’re hanging the artwork in your home or office, the artworks hold the promise of enhancing your working or living environment, bestowing health, wealth, joy and peace as Feng Shui has to all its faithful practitioners for the past thousands of years.

Artist’s Bio
Munkao (b. 1982, Kuala Lumpur) translates images and illustrations from our popular culture into quirky observations of our everyday experience. His work has been featured in various galleries in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur. Most recently, his work was showed to great acclaim at a three man exhibition ‘Flirting with Disaster’ at Giant Robots, San Franscico and two man exhibition ‘Natural’ at Annexe Gallery.

He has been featured on popular international blogs such as Boing Boing ( and Wired ( and had his works used in publications such as American Asian pop culture magazine, Giant Robot. One of his paintings is also used for the cover for the book, New Malaysian Essays 3 published by Amir Muhammad’s Matahari Publishing. Munkao was also one of the three chosen creative personalities for the Nokia N97 ad campaign and was responsible for designing NTV7 ‘mascots’ for World Cup 2010.

He is also a member of The Best Art Show in the Univers art collective who are well loved in the KL art scene for their highly original, funny and satirical art projects.

‘The Feng Shui Show’ will feature at Wei-Ling Gallery from February 10th-March 3rd 2011.