For you my Lord
Sasya Tranggono

Wei-Ling Gallery and Indonesian watercolourist Sasya Tranggono present For You My Lord as part of a regional exhibition-tour being undertaken by Ms. Tranggono. An artist who paints from the heart, Ms. Tranggono celebrates life and it’s joyous experiences through delicately rendered striking, colourful flowers, and she dedicates it all to her new-found spirituality.

At once uncomplicated yet deeply intricate, flowers are nature’s gift designed purely for pleasure and beauty, and the challenge of painting them is to look beyond the physical beauty of the leaves and petals to reveal their essence. Ms. Tranggono has mastered this skill, and enhanced it by employing the unusual technique of painting with watercolours on canvas. Traditionally, watercolours are rendered on paper, which is absorbent. In Ms. Tranggono’s paintings, however, the watercolour is allowed to flow freely on canvas, giving the effect of spontaneity and multiple layers of colour. The process is a long one, which involves patience while each layer of paint dries before application of the next colour.

Sasya Tranggono was born into a Javanese family, and was raised surrounded by concepts of beauty. After graduating with an Engineering degree from the Syracuse University in New York, and an MBA from the Erasmus University in Amsterdam, Ms. Tranggono turned to watercolour to express her innermost thoughts and feelings. She went on to receive the prestigious Jakarta CP Biennale Art Award in 2003 for her unique style of painting and has since exhibited her works regionally and world-wide. Ms. Tranggono has seen her pieces collected by Megawati Soekarnoputri, among many other collectors in Indonesia and world-wide.